Vibgyor executes Honor Annual Day

Honor connected with Vibgyor Brand Services to create first ever annual event for their employees, to review the past year and set pace for 2018 strategies. Vibgyor fabricated a unique, never-seen-before concept of “SMARTANS”-the smart warriors of tomorrow, who with their advanced knowledge, efficiency, and agility are always ready to knock down any obstacle on their way to success. Each employee was treated as a Smartan, and was presented with a customized SmartanT-shirtto wear on the Annual Day. For the décor, unique branding elements like Smartancutout photo opportunity and customised button buddy badge registration wall were set up. A legacy wall displaying various Honorhandsets that showcased the history of Honor was installed at the entry. In the pre-function area, various thematic engagements and fun photo-ops with thematic props were set up.

The event began with the Emcee welcoming the audience, and speeches delivered by the senior management, followed by an oath-taking ceremony. During the R&R ceremony, various “Smartans” and teams were rewarded with customized trophies for their efficiency and exceptional performance. For the epic gala night,the whole look and feel of the setup was transformed, with Bollywood themed branding elements and photo opportunities set up in the pre-function area. For entertainment, the guests witnessed a sizzling performance by Punjabi singer Jazz Dhami who set the stage on fire with his super popular tracks while the guests enjoyed lavish dinner and drinks. The event was indeed a memorable one for the brand and its employees, and Vibgyor was applauded for ideating and executing the unique, off-beat concept with efficiency.